TheraView ApplicationThe TheraView application is top-of-the-line patient-setup-verification software. It allows for online and offline patient-setup verification and setupcorrection, and delivers multiple offline setup-correction protocols. A WebPortal allows physicians to approve images using the webbrowser.

TheraView acquires MV portal images, and verifies the fieldshape against the planned fieldshape (imported through Dicom RT). In order to be able to perform an independent field-shape verification,
TheraView does not use the actual fieldshape. TheraView also acquires or imports KV images and is able to perform image matching using a number of matching algorithms, either manual or automatic.

TheraView’s acquisition modes are highly configurable, from standard patient-setup-verification, dosimetry-related modes, double exposure, step-and-shoot, split-IMRT-field-technique and movies.

TheraView contains a wide range of image processing tools: edge enhancement, automatic brightness/contrast window width/level, automatic histogram equalisation, image merge, measure distance, multi-image profile analysis, image annotation.

TheraView’s TargetCheck allows the user to verify the patient-setup by (single- or dual-image) manual registration of contours, automatic 3D registration of markers or automatic registration of greyvalues. Reference image input through Dicom RT.

TheraView allows to create workflows, that can be assigned to a patient’s treatment. A workflow predefines the actions to take when patient-setup is verified. It includes pre-treatment and intrafraction patient-setup-verification and –correction.

TheraView’s powerful worklist management enforces the image acquisition, TargetCheck and protocol-process, based on the actual status of the patient-treatment.

TheraView delivers online-patient-setup-correction, and the powerful feature to use these measurements for the calculation of the systematic setup error, resulting in a pretreatment-patient-setup-correction based on SAL, NAL, eNAL, ANC and RA protocols.

Automatic storage of images on a central storage. Images can be reviewed and approved on any workstation in the hospital. Images can be exported through Dicom RT to a PACS. TheraView is IEC 61217 compliant, while axis and directions are configurable.

The TheraView application interfaces with multiple sources using it’s own Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) or OEM aSi-panels (MV, KV) either using hardware or software connections.