Total Body Irradiation/Imager (TBI)

Total Body Irradiation/Imager (TBI)

Stand Alone tool for patient setup verification for a TBI-treatment.
Large Imaging Area

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Product Description

Total Body Irradiation treatments can be imaged with the use of TBI
Module. It consists of a stand-alone mobile TBI imager, a WorkStation
or laptop and optional an integrated TICS for Dicom Import/Export

• Automatic reference assign using the 1st taken portal image as a

• Difference monitor which shows deviations in patient-position during
the treatment using a colorwash. An audible warning is given when
the patient position deviation exceeds an adjustable level.

• Automatic image acquisition and storage

• Contours can be used for measurements, either manually drawn or
imported from Dicom RT Structure Sets

• Dicom RT import and RT export

Technical Specifications:

• Mobile Imager containing a large imaging area of 70 x 46 cm
• Resolution of 1280×1024 pixels, 12 bits
• Motorized up-down movements both from within software and treatment