TheraView Information Core System (TICS)

TheraView Information Core System (TICS)

System for central storage of patient-data and images; engine for TheraView’s automated processes.
Highly accessible
Minimal Maintenance (lower costs)
Extremely stable and reliable

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Product Description

Within the TheraView package a “TheraView Information Core System”
(is included. Typically the TICS takes care of the central storage of patient
data and images. Especially when multiple TheraView Acquire Workstations
are installed, patient interchange between Linacs is easily possible. For
each site at least one TICS is required.

• Provides central storage of patient data (MySQL)

• Provides central storage of images based on shared storage

• Provides Dicom RT Import from a number of Treatment Planning
Systems (TPS)

• Has a built-in WebPortal to provide remote access to the patient data,
images, reporting and approval functionality with your favorite web

• Automatic internal backup of all Theraview related data

• VPN support for Remote Access or Remote Desktop takeover on the

• Optionally provides Dicom RT Export to a number of known PACS,
TPS or compatible Dicom RT Dicom storages

Technical specifications:

• Available both as a hardware TICS or Virtual Image (VMWare or Hyper-V
on a 40 GB disk image).
• Running a Linux distributon (CentOS 6.6)
• Support for multiple SAN and NAS storages