Theraview Couch Setup Assistant (TCSA)

TheraView Couch Setup Assistant (TCSA)

Linear Accelerator couch add-on for automatic remote couch movements.
Reduce Errors, Increase Safety
Quick, Accurate and Precise

Product Description

The TCSA is a treatment-couch add-on, allowing the user to automatically
move the couch for the pretreatment patient-setup-correction
and for remote online patient-setup-corrections.

• With TCSA you can enhance patient care by reducing time spent on
the treatment couch and the number of trips in and out of the treatment
room by the therapist. TCSA allows the user to remotely move
the couch with the push of a button from the console area.

• TCSA increases treatment-safety, as it is no longer possible to move the
couch in the wrong direction, or to deliver treatment without
performing the required pretreatment patient-setup-correction.

• TCSA assists in positioning the patient quickly, accurately, and precisely,
reducing setup mistakes and/or misalignments that are occasionally
made during the setup of the treatment protocol. Controlled corrections

• TCSA also allows to move the couch automatically from one ISO-center
to the other, in case of a multi-ISO-center treatment, taking offlineand
online-setup-corrections into account.

• TCSA automatically repositions the couch, when it has to be moved
away for gantry-rotation.

• The TCSA can be installed on most types of treatment couches
like Elekta, Siemens and Varian.

Technical specifications:

• Simultaneously move 3 axis, fast setup time, 50% more efficient
• All movements are retraceable from the main applications
• High Accuracy, precision 0.3mm