Protura 6D

• Simple, safe and direct access to both Protura and TCSA from
within the TheraView application
• Range of motion optimized between Protura & TCSA, resulting in
larger set of possible rotations and translations
• 6D match result import from Elekta XVI 5.0 or 4.5
• Automatic 6D match results, based on markers within TheraView


Product Description

The Protura Robotic Patient Positioning System now interfaces with TheraView using the TheraView Couch Setup Assistant (TCSA). Once the TheraView calculates or imports the 6D match results, the TCSA directly controls the Protura motion to safely and efficiently correct patient set-up errors in all 6 degrees of freedom.



“In Arnhem, we have used the Protura robot and TheraView TCSA for several years to correct patient set-up errors. Using the new interface, all 6D corrections are controlled directly from the TheraView TCSA application. This set-up provides a safer workflow by eliminating the technician’s need to work with multiple software systems.”
Kasper Pasma, PhD, Medical Physicist, Radiotherapiegroep Arnhem, The Netherlands


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