Patient Identification Module (PIM)

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Product Description

Although it doesn’t happen very often, it is a known problem in a hospital environment that patients are mixed up. Conventional methods are comparing the photograph of a patient and/or asking for the patient’s birth date. Even than human mistakes are possible. Also ID cards or wristbands are causing problems, when patients forget or exchange them.

The Patient Identification Module (PIM) solution by TheraView Technology makes it possible to uniquely distinguish patients based on the palm veins. It is a biometric authentication mechanism with a very high precision, very low false acceptance rate (FAR) and very hygienic because of the contact-free solution. The Patient Identification Module is fully integrated into the existing workflow of radiotherapy centers.

Registration (1st visit):

During patient registration the PIM registration follows directly after, where both hands are scanned. The infrared scan is converted into an encoded securely stored biometric template. Privacy is no problem because the original scan is not stored. The registration scans are used for future comparison during the treatment.

Identification (guidance):

When a patient is registered and enters the hospital for treatment, it is now possible to guide them to the correct location. The patient just positions either hand on the scanning device and the appointment is acknowledged. Furthermore the patient is redirected to the correct location and possible delays are mentioned immediately. Using this method, the patient’s presence is known prior to treatment.

Verification (treatment):

Once the patient is known in the system all consequent treatments will be verified. When the patient enters the treatment room the patient is selected in the Record & Verify system (e.g. MOSAIQ, ARIA etc). Once the patient is positioned on the couch the patient’s hand palm is scanned and compared with the selection in the R&V system. If the selected patient in the R&V system and the scanned patient are identical the interlock of the treatment unit is released and treatment continues as normal. This method provides an independent way of discovering human mistakes and providing evidence of all successful verifications.


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