During a radiotherapy treatment you need to be sure that your patient is positioned correctly
and that dose given is according to the treatment plan. With TheraView, you can achieve the
accuracy you need. TheraView is a precise and accurate Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)
solution. It includes high quality portal and KV imaging. With TheraView you can perform
quality assurance (QA) on your radiation equipment, to make sure all devices perform well to
achieve the best results.

Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID)

Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID)

Linear Accelerator add-on for IGRT-treatments.
Online Imaging
Folding Detector
Long lifetime

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Protura 6D

• Simple, safe and direct access to both Protura and TCSA from
within the TheraView application
• Range of motion optimized between Protura & TCSA, resulting in
larger set of possible rotations and translations
• 6D match result import from Elekta XVI 5.0 or 4.5
• Automatic 6D match results, based on markers within TheraView


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Set of modules for manual and automatic patient-position-registration.

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Theraview Couch Setup Assistant (TCSA)

TheraView Couch Setup Assistant (TCSA)

Linear Accelerator couch add-on for automatic remote couch movements.
Reduce Errors, Increase Safety
Quick, Accurate and Precise

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