Accuracy, Efficiency and Safety

TheraViewThese are keywords in radiotherapy which defines our TheraView Solutions. During treatment you need to be sure that your patient is positioned correctly and that the dose given is according to the treatment plan. With TheraView, you can achieve the accuracy you need in a most efficient way. Theraview helps you to automatically setup a patient according to the treatment plan, verify and correct the position of the patient and present you with high quality images to plan and analyse treatment. This will improve the outcome of the treatment and reduce the number of errors.

With our great workflow management system, this is all done in such a way that it offers you a complete overview of your patient population and activities (due to one central data-base) and reduces the workload.

With TheraView you can perform quality assurance on your radiation equipment, to make sure all devices perform well to achieve the best results.

TheraView is a precise and accurate Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) solution. It includes high quality portal and KV imaging, automatic image registration, different modalities of TargetCheck procedures and automatic patient setup correction. TheraView delivers worklist management and offline setup correction protocols for significant workload reduction. A WebPortal is available for efficient image approval and reviewing.

TheraView offers a complete imaging system that eliminates having to use separate software for portal and KV image viewing, analysis, archiving, image guided radiation treatment and other image management applications.

Over the past 20 years, Theraview has been the preferred solution for the major part of Dutch radiotherapy centers, and helped to set the standard of radiotherapy treatments. It can also help your organisation to achieve your objectives in increasing treatment quality, reduce errors and to lower the costs.

As in the past, we are still innovating our solutions in cooperation with several world class institutes. This ensures that also in the future, we will be able to set new standards and help healthcare professionals to achieve the best possible results.